Within the yr 1119, the primary campaign had already captured Jerusalem when Geoffrey Bison was on his method to be a part of Hugues de Payens and 7 others on their method to Vienna. These 9 troopers of fortune had been quickly to grow to be referred to as the Templar Knights. For the following ten years they cleared the pathways from Belgrade to Istanbul defending pilgrims on their method to the Holy Lands. It was in 1129 when Pope Harmless II sanctioned the Templar’s as an official arm of the Catholic Church that started one of the crucial storied chapters within the historical past of the world. When the First Campaign captured Jerusalem thirty yr earlier the Templar’s had been capable of now take refuge within the stays of the Temple of Solomon. Over the course of subsequent ten years the Knights managed to uncover and stealthily take away the treasure of the ages. From 1134 to round 1144 these 9 Templar Knights managed to retrieve huge riches that had been hidden below the Temple of Solomon. Although below allegiance to the Pope one would have thought that each one this wealth would instantly go on to Rome however as an alternative Hugues de Payens and Rely Hugh of Champagne determined it will be higher if the treasure was hidden in 4 separate places all through-out Europe. Solely a token quantity went to Pope Harmless II. It’s stated that from then on each Papal succession was possessed in finding the Templar’s treasure. In the long run it was Pope Clement V who together with the King of France turned so jealous of the Templar’s wealth that they conspired to get rid of the order all collectively not realizing that each one the riches of the Templar’s would stay hidden ceaselessly.

For over 200 years the wealth of the Templar Knights continued to develop. In every of the 4 places the place the treasures of the Knights had been hidden nobody particular person knew the place the opposite was situated. Solely via a sequence of clues and maps revealed seemingly locations to their places. It was in Prussia round 1350 that Prince Gland-Kambila a direct descendent of one of many authentic 9 Templar Knights discovered one of many places through which the Templar’s had hidden a few of their huge wealth. Upon finding this treasure Gland Kambia made his means into Russia. With the wealth of Kings at his disposal Gland Kambia and his descendants via worldwide marriages over the course of generations the beginnings of the Romanoff household was born. All of the whereas the placement of the remainder of the Templar’s wealth remained a thriller. Hidden away for hundreds of years the place no clue was thought to have survived.

In 1885 Carl Faberge was commissioned by the Czar of Russia to commemorate Easter with a present to his spouse. In true Faberge vogue the primary of 57 Faberge Eggs had been made. From 1885 till 1915 annually Faberge gave the Czar one among these most treasured of all items. Sadly the home of Faberge by no means recovered from the Bolshevik Revolution and by no means once more was an authentic Faberge Egg made. The mysterious disappearance of 9 of those beautiful artworks and the remainder of Nicholas II huge wealth remained a thriller. Every egg was so magnificently crafted with pure gold and essentially the most treasured of all of the effective minimize stones from diamonds, rubies, and emeralds all inlaid inside made each Faberge egg one of many worlds Most worthy priceless items of artwork faberge egg.

Current Day: Chicago.

As Fred Jenkins, a brief stocky man with grayish receding hair stood by his workplace window this chilly dreary January morning questioning what the day would carry when instantly in walked Tom Swartz. The 2 hadn’t seen one another since school some 20 years earlier. Again then, Tom already had a authorities job lined up whereas Fred was ending up his diploma as a structural engineer. Realizing how lengthy it has been Fred embraced Tom. “How the hell are you” had been the primary phrases coming from Fred. “Come on in. Desire a cup of espresso?” As Tom was taking off his coat “Certain that sounds nice. Cream and sugar when you have any.” “Fred I want your assist. You most likely know by now that my brother was killed in Afghanistan two years in the past. It was there that Tony truly discovered one of many biggest treasures within the historical past of the world.” “Sure, I had heard concerning the homicide of your brother however the remainder. You imply to inform me that there actually was a treasure and Tony truly stumbled upon it solely to be killed due to discovering it?” As Tom was retelling of how one among histories most elusive treasure was misplaced solely to be discovered some 80 years latter by his brother, Fred handed Tom his espresso. “It began in 1916 in Saint Petersburg.”